How It Works

Sgt. Bike likes to keep it simple, because nobody needs time wasted. Tell us when and where to be and we will get rolling - you don't need anything but an advertisement.

The Sarge will assemble a squad, make sure your media is ready and have the platoon rolling. When the shifts are over, you can see where your ads went using our tracking app, available for Android and iOS.

1 Declare the Campaign - Tell us where and when you want to attack. We'll form a battle plan (or peace-keeping mission) with you. 2 Design the Sign - You may have your own sign, or our designers can make one for you. Your high-impact graphic design wil catch eyes! 
3Create Your Media - Every campaign needs materials. We can have your sign made for you or you can provide your own.
4 The Mission Rolls Out - On mission-day, your sign and our (polite, safe and friendly) army of riders will go directly to your audience with the message you want them to see!

Get Going Now

Sgt. Bike Advertising Bicycles are a hot way of locating your advertising directly in front of the audience you want, regardless of where they may be. Whether you're trying to get the word out to your neighborhood or your entire city, Sgt. Bike Advertising Bicycles can put you out there.

We can dispatch riders wherever and whenever you want; Day or night, rain or shine, spring, summer, winter, and fall, we can be where you need us to be anytime.

We can provide lighted, back-lit. and natural light signs so your message can come across best, anytime and anywhere.

Call Us Now!

We want to speak with you! Give us a call, or use the form below to get a written response. We're really looking forward to helping YOU!

We're ramping up our new client projects right now, and we'd really like to add you to our to-do list! Get in touch, and let us get rolling with your message!

We can travel anywhere in SoCal
Los Angeles, CA, 90012 United States